As a crockery manufacturer, we cannot afford to compromise on our packaging in any manner. Central India Packaging has been our sole supplier of corrugated boxes since our very inception. The shipments are always accurate, complete and properly packaged. The boxes are properly cushioned and yet lightweight and easy to handle. We have never had any cause to complain as our crockery always stays safe and is delivered to our customers without any mishaps ever!.

Tushar Gupta - Business Head

We use laminated composite cores to pack many of our snacks and confectionery items. After trying cores made by different manufacturers, we have decided to opt for Central India Packaging. Their composite containers are not only leak proof, long-lasting and economical but look really attractive as well. We are happy that the company customizes the cores to the exact shape and dimensions we need and the printing of the product details can also be done here itself. They are undoubtedly the most reliable vendors we have worked with!.

Rupshi Sarawgi - Director

When starting my frozen meat business, I was looking for poly-film packaging and met up with Ankit Agarwal of Central India Packaging. I was quite impressed with his ideas and enthusiasm. The triple layer co-extruded packaging option he presented to me was pretty striking. We worked together on the design options and I have stuck to the same poly-film ever since. The packaging can withstand the rough handling on our machines and I am glad that the flexible film makes it easier to stack and store our products without taking up too much space.

Neha Surana - Manager

We needed foldable cartons for packing our pharmaceutical products. As we are an export unit, the packaging was required to match the exacting standards in USA and other countries in Europe. Ankit Packaging manages to meet the international requirements and is eco-friendly as well. The boxes are long-lasting, the finish is superior and the printing of our product name, insignia, description and price looks very professional. We are sticking to this vendor and will not work with any other company!.

Rajesh Natrajan - Project Manager

As an online retailer, I regularly require corrugated cartons and containers of different shapes and sizes to ship my products to the customers. I book a bulk of my requirements with Central India Packaging and the company has always delivered the orders well within the deadlines. I can proudly inform my customers that the packaging is eco-friendly and does not use wood at all.

Ujjawal Kumar - Co-Founder