Composite Containers / Cores

Composite Containers

Composite cans made out of laminated paper bases offer unique advantages for packaging a diverse range of food and non-food items Central India Packaging offers aunique in-house faCility for laminated printing on gravure and flexo-machines So you can order composite containers. In different shapes and Sizes to suit your specrfic need. And also get your product message printed at the same Single source. Helping you save valuable time minus the hassles

Needless to say, Our composrte cans are 100% leakproot, lightweight yet sturdy, afford a long shelf-life and are very economical too

The composite cans are made to stringent quality parameters and are tested and approved by statutory bodies

We can also supply cores in various sizes and shapes for any application from simple cores of paper, films or foil: to high tech cores of POY, PTY, Yarn etc

Ideal for

Edible Oils, Milk products, snacks, confectionery, beverages etc,.


Petroleum products, Chemicals, Pharmaceutiacals, Detergents, Pesticides, Toiletries etc.